Urban Farming


by Annie St. Claire What would you do with an abundance of fruits and vegetables grown right in your very own home or garden.  With your food savings, you might be able to spend your hard earned money on a family vacation this year. More and more these days, it […] Read more »

Hiring Design Professionals


by Annie St. Claire Initially, buying a home is a fun and creative adventure, but once the honeymoon wears off, you are suddenly faced with living in your new space and it may not be as functional as you thought it was when you bought it.   You may suddenly get […] Read more »

How to Have a Garden by Summer


by Annie St. Claire You might have a gardening nightmare on your hands if: Plastic flowers are the only color accents in your garden. You lose something in your front yard and can’t find it in the weeds. You give up on plants altogether and convince yourself that dirt is […] Read more »